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The goal of RVLifestylers.com is to fill this blog with the stories of full-time, traveling RVers who have “chosen” the RV Lifestyle. Emphasis is placed on the “chosen” because most importantly we are seeking contributors who have made a conscious decision to go tiny, live in their RV and travel.

Variety is the spice of life.

We are looking for all types of contributors to share their stories and insights. Read a few of our posts for inspiration. All of us have a different take on this lifestyle and have had to adapt and learn. Some RVers we’ve met are constantly on the go. Others, like us, spend several months in one location. Where once most were retired, today many camp near jobsites, work camp, or work remotely. Even more have started businesses on the road.

RVers of all kinds are invited to share their journeys, adventures, wisdom, and unique ways of financing their lifestyle.  Sharing our journeys in a positive light, even when obstacles have been faced, is the goal. To become a contributor please fill out the form below, submit a post and join RV Lifestylers as an author. Submission is free and no compensation will be paid to contributors.

Entrepreneurs who wish to share their products and services are welcome. Any posts that include products or links to for-profit, external websites will be charged $50 before publication.

RVLifestylers.com offers products celebrating the lifestyle, or unique to our needs. Visit our Products page and check out some of what we offer.


We are looking for authors to share their own, personal experiences. If you’re not a writer please don’t hesitate to ask for a little help with your story. Authors must be full-time (or at least half-time), traveling RVers to be accepted as RV LifeStylers Contributors. Contributors will be accepted or rejected on the basis of the quality of the content. Posts may be edited for readability, are run through “Grammarly” to check spelling and grammar, and may be slightly altered for SEO purposes.

Pros and cons of places, trips, etc. are acceptable; posts exhibiting attitudes of negativity, ranting, vulgarity, offensive opinions and the like will not be published. The administrator reserves the right to reject any contributed post. Self-promotion and advertising of businesses may be accepted if the contributor is living the full-time RV lifestyle. A $50 fee will be assessed, upon approval and before publication, for any posts that include advertising or links to for-profit, external websites.

The Legal Stuff Protects Our Butts

The views and opinions expressed in any guest post featured on this site are those of the guest author and do not in any way reflect the opinions or views of RV Lifestylers or Chelsi Graphics, LLC. Products, services or opinions offered by guest posters are not endorsed by RV Lifestylers or Chelsi Graphics, LLC. Post acceptance is wholly at the discretion of the administrator. No guest author will be compensated financially or otherwise and any profit generated from this blog website, www.RVLifestylers.com, is the sole property of the administrator alone. Profits generated by contributor’s products (i.e., ebooks, etc.), if accepted for publication, are the contributor’s property. A $50 fee will be assessed before publication by the administrator for any post containing an advertisement or link to a for-profit, external website.

Contributor and subscriber contact information, including e-mail addresses, will not be shared with third parties. Administrator reserves the right to contact contributors via e-mail until such time that the contributor unsubscribes.

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