We solved our RV water pressure issue. Today I’m going to talk about the Oxygenics 30480 PowerSelect Handheld Showerhead. I have never done a post about a product before and I promise that this will not be the new path of this blog.

We have been stationary for a few months due to work commitments and I have been wondering what to blog about. Currently we are parked in Seminole, Texas; the Permian Basin. Seminole is pretty much right in the middle of Lubbock and Midland/Odessa. There are some sites to see in the area and we are just beginning to explore. Future posts will reflect our coming adventures.


The idea came to me in the shower. RVers often complain about the lack of water pressure in our units. Especially in the shower. But we found the answer. The item I am going to share is available on Amazon. I noticed that it doesn’t have 5-star reviews which shocked me. I love it!


Oxygenics PowerSelect
Handheld Showerhead

This one item answered our water pressure issues in the shower, wherever we’ve parked. Somehow this showerhead is engineered to mix oxygen with the water to create a stronger current. It’s not advertised as an RV product, but all I can say is that it works for us and has been a great improvement to this lifestyle.

It’s a hand-held but comes with a wall attachment. We were able to use the attachments that were already in the unit which made it even easier to install. For the hand-held option the hose is 60″ long. You could even use it to wash the dog.


RV Shower Water Pressure Solved

Besides the pressure boosting feature the sprayer has seven settings. My husband likes the regular shower setting, but a few of the others increase the pressure even more. It’s like the shower massage in our old stick and mortar bathroom! It goes from rain shower, to massage by turning the dial on the face of the showerhead. It also has a “trickle” setting if you’re conserving water. The manufacturer claims that it uses less water than standard fixtures.

This was the model we chose. Click on the link and you can also find other Oxygenics models to solve your unique RV water pressure issue.

Like I said, I don’t blog about products. It’s not my thing. I have items for sale on my products page, but this is really the first time I felt like I wanted to share something with my fellow RVers.

During this sedentary time in our travels I would greatly appreciate contributors sharing their journeys. Click here to share your story.

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