Texas Hill Country wildflowers

Fredericksburg, Texas Hill Country

Fredericksburg, Texas is a surprisingly quaint, touristy town with a German heritage and bustling main street full of shops. The town is situated in the Texas Hill Country. It’s the perfect day trip, a little over an hour west of Austin or north of San Antonio.

Texas Hill Country is the prettiest area of Texas I’ve visited; and I’ve seen quite a bit. There are actual hills! Many of the roads in the area are long and winding lined with wildflowers, farm stands, antique shops, and the occasional restaurant.

Main Street Fredericksburg is lined with gift and antique shops, art galleries, and restaurants. Another highlight is the Museum of the Pacific, housed within the remarkable Nimitz Hotel. The hotel was named in honor of Fredericksburg native Admiral Chester W. Nimitz. Admiral Nimitz served as Commander in Chief of the U.S. Pacific Naval Fleet during World War II.

The National Museum of the Pacific War

Admiral Chester W Nimitz Hotel

Nimitz Hotel houses the expansive National Museum of the Pacific War. This museum spans six acres and includes a recreated battlefield, the Japanese Garden of Peace (gifted by Japan’s government), and the outdoor Plaza of the Presidents exhibit. We considered visiting the museum on our first visit. But, it was late in the day and we were told to come back because a full day was recommended by some locals. If we weren’t staying in the area, we would have gotten in as much as we could.

We are planning to go back to devote the better part of a day to the museum. Recently, I called and found out that part of the museum is closed for renovations. Ergo, be sure to call before you go to get the entire experience of the museum.

Fredericksburg Eats

It was lunchtime when we arrived so we started searching for food. Cultures Restaurant landed our business and we would highly recommend it. My honey had loaded nachos and I had the most awesome Mexican Pizza. It was a flour tortilla crust topped with refried beans, bell peppers, and cheese. The pizza was so good that I made it for dinner the following week. Yum!

Fredericksburg is surprisingly reasonable, both for food and souvenirs, including dessert at the awesome candy shoppe. The few trinkets we bought to remember the visit definitely didn’t break the bank.

Dog-Friendly Fredericksburg

After lunch we grabbed the dog from the truck. It wasn’t that hot a few short weeks ago but we couldn’t leave him in the truck today. We visited the many antique stores and plentiful souvenir shops. Almost all the stores were dog-friendly and even provided water bowls inside. Fredericksburg, Texas is very dog friendly, even the shops. But I’ve seen so many miserable furbabies in recent weeks that leaving Spotty home in the AC is our new normal. Certainly, I would strongly encourage visitors to leave their dogs at home in the summertime.

Worth a Few Days

We didn’t do enough research about visiting Fredericksburg, Texas. That is not my normal. As a result, on this trip we didn’t venture off Main Street. Almost all of Fredericksburg is tourist-friendly with art galleries and wineries. Additionally, the town is also home to the Lady Bird Johnson Park, the Pioneer Museum, and Enchanted Rock State Natural Area.

There’s plenty to do on any given day in Fredericksburg. Special events add to the excitement. We stopped back for the Annual Crawfish Festival a few weekends ago. The next event is the Night in Old Fredericksburg coming up in July, followed by the Gillespie County Fair in August.

Evening visits are an option, but some attractions close before the heat dissipates. Above all, from now until fall, we’re leaving Spotty dog at home.

For a side trip check out my post on Luckenbach, Texas.

Enjoy the journey!