The story of a couple’s loss and recovery into the RV Lifestyle.

My husband and I got married, June 20th, 2015 and we got our little mobile home set up. We were very excited newly-weds. Fast forward a year later to our anniversary! We were so happy to celebrate. So, we decided to invest in some nice living room furniture as our gift to each other. We couldn’t be happier. Our lives were just beginning! Or so we thought… 

The Flood

Three days later, June 23, 2016, our world turned upside down. A storm came through and flooded our state of West Virginia. My husband and I were stacking, packing and doing whatever we could to save our home.

West Virginia floods 2016
West Virginia floods 2016.

Finally, the water was at the bottom of the doors, we had to leave! We climbed hills for miles and finally got to our little town with my dad. He came and met us halfway. When we got across the bridge the water was over the road. The only thing we could do was swim across.

My husband put me on his shoulders. The water was so swift and I was so tired. When we got to the edge my husband went under and a man came over and picked me up and the water took my boots off my feet. My husband was okay but I went without shoes for two days.. We were devastated. 

The next three days were a blur, I don’t remember much. Finally, after the water resided we got to our home. It was still standing but it was a lost cause. Nothing was salvageable. We had nothing left but the clothes on our backs. 

Recovery on the Road

The next year we bounced around from relatives, rental homes and more. My husband then finally got on with the pipeline! We were ecstatic, things were finally looking up for us! 

After a few months, we saved up money and we searched high and low. We bought a used 2002 Keystone Cougar fifth wheel! When I tell you I cried, I cried!! I finally had something of my own, something to call mine. My own space that no one could take away from me! Now, my husband and I travel together from job to job. I enjoy this life. Our home on wheels means a lot to us, we will never take it for granted! 

Full-time RV living isn’t bad at all! It’s very relaxing, stress-free and overall amazing! At the end of the day, I’m so very thankful that God gave us this opportunity. Without the trials, we faced we would have never taken this extra step and done this!

We are enjoying this season of our life and we can’t wait for the next chapter! 

Sincerely, a full time, camper living house wife.  –KM

Congratulations on your successful journey on the road to recovery.

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