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Greetings from RV Lifetylers, Somewhere, USA!

Our journey into the RV Lifestyle began with a change into a travel job. Ergo, RVLifestylers.com was born.

My husband is currently installing solar farms across the country. I am a self-employed writer and graphic designer and web developer. Through my company, Chelsi Graphics, LLC, I design, develop, and write web content. The photos of our journey are also available on my website. My first blog, “CallCG.net” provides small business owners with information about getting their companies online.

Because we love the RV Lifestyle so much, I started this new blog. This is about sharing the journeys of those who have chosen the travel lifestyle. We, along with our contributors, have made a conscious decision to go tiny, live in an RV and experience this country. RV Lifestylers are Tiny Living Road Warriors, both working and retired, “Living Life One Adventure at a Time!”

2018 RV Exterior


Guests authors are encouraged to submit their RVing stories.

  • How did you get started?
  • Where are you from?
  • Share your travel stories?
  • Destinations planned – bucket list?
  • Are you retired or still working on the road?

Sharing our journeys is the goal. Please visit the Contributors page to share your RV Lifestylers experiences. Keep a positive attitude as this is not a complaint site, but a place to share the experiences we are blessed with as Tiny Living Road Warriors.

If you run a businesses from the road, sharing your business in a post is just $50 (flat fee). Feel free to link to your website or Facebook page. (Adult or objectionable content will not be accepted.)

In addition to offering a place to share, RV Lifestylers offers RV product recommendations. Visit our Products page.

Enjoy the Journey! 


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